At Gramafilm, we know just how important humans are to a story. We wanted to recognise our own place & responsibility within one of the biggest stories of our generation, Climate Change.

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1. Single Use Plastic

As a London based creative agency, we're constantly exposed to plastic waste with our London alone getting through two million plastic bottles every day. That's why Gramafilm will be limiting all single-use on set. This will include removing water bottles from set as well as minimising plastic across our production kits and film equipment.

2. Veg-Heads

With the goal of creating carbon-neutral campaigns, we will be serving vegan and vegetarian catering options across all productions to reduce our CO2 emissions. Film never tasted so good.

3. Paper Cuts

Roughly 35% of all trees are cut down for simple old paper - that's 160,000km² of forest chopped down every year. At Gramafilm, we want sustainable film production as well as an eco-friendly back office. As such, we’ll be going paperless on set and our directors and producers will use electronic tablets for key documents.

4. Sustainable Cycles

When producing branded content, we always try and cut out any excess. At Gramafilm, we believe our travel logistics should be no different. Our team take public transport or cycle in when coming to the office and set (wherever possible). We also choose to work with sustainable and eco-friendly taxi and courier services.

5. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

As part of our green production policy, we are also limiting all wastage on set where we can. This includes donating leftover food, re-homing props where possible and recycling our waste. Zero-waste Agency, from start to finish.

6. AdGreen Certification

To keep ourselves in check, we will be ensuring all our productions are AdGreen certified - limiting our emissions as much as possible. From corporate video shoots to internal days out, we're committed to cutting emissions.

7. Carbon Offsetting

On top of our AdGreen certification, we've pledged to become a Carbon Offsetting Creative Agency with our staff registered to attend courses, share learnings and implement wherever possible.