We specialise in crafting both physical and digital products, delivering impactful designs for everything from beautifully bound books to cutting-edge websites and apps.

When it comes to design services, Gramafilm offers a diverse range of creative solutions to help you enhance your brand's visual communication, create compelling assets, and engage your target audience.

Preferred by clients such as YouTube, Twitter, Bafta & Android our designs have crossed continents, billboards & industries – bringing eyes to brands from YouTube to the Tube.

From traditional print to cutting-edge digital designs, we have the expertise and creativity to elevate your brand. Contact us today to discuss how our design services can contribute to your business success.

Assets for YouTube

Views for Android


Animated Video Services

Professional Animation Services | Transform Ideas into Animated Reality

We believe that experience is everything. United by a passion for storytelling and an eye for detail, for the past decade our animation services have been bringing stories to life for brands such as YouTube, Bafta, Android & Twitter.

Having formed strong partnerships with talented animators and brands, you can trust us to deliver exceptional animation services tailored to your brand's unique vision.

So whether you prefer the charm of 2D animation or the depth and realism of 3D, our team has the expertise to deliver exceptional results. From traditional hand-drawn animation to cutting-edge CGI, we harness the power of animation to help brands stand out.

Luis Mendo, Gramafilm DogsAndroid 2022 Poster DesignAndroid, Team Jetpack

Professional Illustration Services | Bring Your Ideas to Life with Artistic Precision

Love illustration? We hear you.

Illustration is an incredibly powerful tool for visual communication, and our network of talented illustrators excels at harnessing its power. Whether you need illustrations for branding, marketing materials, or digital content, we create captivating visuals that will convey your message with artistic flair and precision.

From pencil sketches to ink drawings, we bring a touch of craftsmanship to every illustration, adding depth, texture, and a personal touch.

We like it so much we even illustrated ourselves, dog style. (Thanks Luis Mendo!)


Billboard Design Services

Out of Home Billboard, London AgencyOut of Home Billboard, WestfieldYouTube, OOH Billboard

OOH & Digital Billboards: Amplify Your Brand's Visibility and Impact

Maximise your brand's reach and make a lasting impression with our impactful billboards. At Gramafilm, we’ve produced billboards from LA to London helping capture the attention of target audiences across the globe.

With eye-catching designs and strategic placements, our Billboards can elevate your brand's visibility today.


Localising Design

Gramafilm Design Localisation

Localisation Design Services | Localising Print, OOH & More

Gramafilm seamlessly bridges cultural divides, transforming content into captivating experiences for audiences worldwide. Our expertise extends beyond translation, embracing the intricacies of each culture to ensure that our designs resonate with diverse audiences. So far, our work has been seen across 180 countries.

With a proven track record of working with global brands like YouTube, Amazon, Android, and Intel, we bring a wealth of experience to print, out-of-home advertising, and animation localisation projects.