We produce memorable events of all sizes and scales, entertaining audiences around the world through bespoke, interactive and immersive experiences.

Producing Memorable Events Since 2008

At Gramafilm, we believe in creating unforgettable experiences that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Gramafilm offers professional event production services to create memorable experiences. From conceptualisation to execution, our London-based creative production agency specialises in producing branded content, film, video production, and design, making us your ideal partner for a seamless event journey.

Google Playtime 2019

For the fourth year in a row, we worked with Google Play to produce Playtime, a vital gathering for app and games developers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As the lead design and event agency, we worked as an extension of the Developer Marketing team and supported other agencies across the globe to deliver their own Playtime campaigns and events.

Indie Games Showcase

For 3 years we produced the Indie Games Showcase at the Saatchi Gallery, a games competition for Indie Developers. The event was open to the public, who voted for their favourite game, allowing the top 3 to win prizes to help develop their games.

Google Playtime 2018

Working with longtime partners, Google, we produced Playtime 2018, a day of talks and demonstrations of Google and Android’s latest technologies. Located in the Funkhaus Berlin in Germany, we created bespoke event infrastructure and interactive installations featuring our IMakeApps work.

Playtime around the Globe


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Event Film

Event Video Production

We love crafting and producing exceptional events. But we don't stop there. We go the extra mile by creating tailor-made video content that adds an immersive and captivating experience for our valued guests.

From animation openers to wrap-up films, we love combining the worlds of film and events. With a wealth of experience in both film and event production, we seamlessly blend the magic of storytelling with the excitement of live experiences.

Bafta - Believe You Will (Trailer)

To promote the 2019 Film Awards, we brought the actors’ personal stories to life across cinema adverts and other digital assets. The trailer combined found footage with film clips and a voiceover constructed from BAFTA’s interview archive. Including actors like Daniel Kaluuya, Eddie Redmayne and Kate Winslet, it offered rare glimpses into their vulnerabilities and triumphs.

Indie Showcase - Event Advert

To drive entries for Google Play’s Indie Games competition, we produced an online advert to speak directly to developers. This advert enticed developers to attend the Indie Showcase events taking place in London, Seoul, and Tokyo, with the main event & Toolkit also produced by us.

Google Playtime 2019 - Opener

The personal touches always make a difference. To kick off Playtime 2019, an event for app and games developers, we created an action-packed animation filled with easter eggs of the companies sitting right there in the audience.

Google Playtime - Countdown Animation

Played out on a massive 10m screen, this countdown signalled the start of Playtime 2017. Based on the brutalist architecture of the venue and the neon lights we filled it with, the animation built up the excitement for the keynote speech.

Android Show - Wrap Up

To help Android wrap up all their special moments from 2022, we produced a wrap-up film highlighting the release of Android 13, their investment in tablets and large screens and the latest in wearable tech. The edit was published on their YouTube channel.

Installation Design

Event Production Support

At Gramafilm, we understand that event installations play a crucial role in creating impactful experiences. Having designed unique event installations for Google since 2016, we’ve built up installation expertise which ensures every aspect of your event is carefully considered and executed.

From games to vending machines, meeting pods & infinity rooms we’ve done it all. Get in contact to see what we mean.

Event Toolkit

Event Asset Design & Toolkits

At Gramafilm, we know how to build an event toolkit. As the lead production agency on Google Playtime (Google’s largest developer conference) for four years running, we’ve produced 188-page toolkits, outlining creative, brand guidelines & instructions for replicating the event.

Whether it's venue selection, budgeting, scheduling, or marketing strategies, our toolkit provides the necessary resources to plan and execute events effectively.

Delivered Global Toolkits for events to be run in London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and Seoul.