London-based video production company. Bringing award-winning authentic human stories to life since 2008.

At Gramafilm, we strive to be the go-to storytellers for brands across the world, crafting strategic and effective films for audiences at scale.

We started telling human stories back in 2008 and haven't looked back.

So, whether you're looking to film someone BMX 2000ft in the sky, capture the latest technology or celebrate Shakespeare in VR – we're here. Using creativity which gets to the heart of the issue.

Branded Video

Promotional Brand Films

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Professional Promotional Video Production | Engage Your Audience with Compelling Visuals

Boost your marketing efforts with Gramafilm’s compelling promotional video production, used by clients like Android, Nike, YouTube, LG, & Red Bull.

Applying a strategic and human-oriented approach to everything we produce, our production team excel at capturing the essence of brands, products, or events and translating them into visually engaging promotional videos.

We’ve flown planes through hangars in formation for Red Bull, topped the viral video charts for over a year, broken world records for Samsung, filmed Avatars with The Royal Shakespeare Company, Epic Games and Intel and have worked across 73 countries in the process.

So if you’re looking to create award-winning promotional videos, contact us today and discover how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

McLaren - Artura Spider

Introducing McLaren's next-generation Supercar, the Artura Spider, with a Global Launch Campaign. Campaign included launch advert, product film and photography.

Google DeepMind - Stefano's Story

Getting to know the extraordinary people at the forefront of AI with nine films exploring Google DeepMind. Ranging from robotics to comedy, everyone working at Google DeepMind has a different story.

Intel x RSC - The 3 Minute Edit

Intel x RSC - The Tempest

In a groundbreaking collaboration, we joined forces with Intel and the RSC to create Shakespeare's first real-time avatar. Our work on 'The Tempest' production earned us the prestigious Silver Cannes Lion.

Red Bull Barnstorming | Main Edit

Red Bull - Barnstorming

Capturing a worlds first with Red Bull, we found out what happens when you fly two planes through a hanger at 185mph. One Barn, two planes, 27 cameras and millions of views.

Antler - Ocean & Mineral

Gramafilm captured Antler's latest product innovation with a dynamic launch campaign. Introducing the Stamford, their quietest suitcase to date, along with two stunning new colours in the ever-popular Clifton collection.


Android - #IMakeApps

Launched a two-year global campaign for Android, demonstrating that app-making is accessible to everyone. Featuring developer stories like Rosa Mei.


Documentary Video Production

Documentary Production AgencyDocumentary Production, Bees & Refugees

Documentary Production Company London | Bringing Authentic Human Stories to Life

Experience the power of storytelling through Gramafilm’s well-established documentary video production services.

Founded by documentary filmmaker, James Morton-Haworth, Gramafilm has almost two decades worth of experience in making documentaries for the BBC. Specialising in creating impactful documentaries that inform, inspire, and engage audiences.

From research and concept development to filming, editing, and post-production, we craft documentaries that delve into diverse subjects and shed light on important stories for platforms including Amazon Prime, BBC, Red Bull TV, YouTube & Apple TV.

So, whether it’s a long-form documentary, such as Don’t Look Down, or a series of documentary-style pieces, like #IMakeApps – Gramafilm can bring your authentic human story to life.


Unscripted Content Production

Unscripted Production Company | Reality Entertainment & Factual Content

Gramafilm Unscripted creates returnable formats that have a global appeal for both UK and US markets.

As with everything we do, talent is at the heart of our unscripted approach.

Priding ourselves on relationships with on-screen talent, agencies and labels, we develop formats which foster compelling narratives time & time again.

Our goal is to create formats with purpose. Concentrating on entertainment, music and factual entertainment, we pitch to all major UK and US broadcasters and platforms, constantly reacting to terrestrial and SVOD briefs.

As well as this, we also utilise the branded side of Gramafilm by specialising in ad-funded programming where applicable.

Hillsong Church: God Goes Viral

Produced by Gramafilm, this doc explores the globally trending megachurch Hillsong, revealing its explosive growth in younger members whilst shedding light on darker stories within the organisation.

Blending commerce and religion into a multimillion-dollar empire, Hillsong's young pastors are next-generation religious figures – spreading the word of God through Instagram & influence. But with scandal lurking, what does this glossy version of Christianity have to offer?

Picked up by BBC Storyville and now available to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube & Apple TV.

The Big Picture - Amazon Prime TikTok

We invited famous guests to get their hands dirty as they joined host, Harry Pinero, LIVE for a deep and meaningful chat as they draw, paint and sculpt together.

Each show, our host and guest created a piece of artwork inspired by a current Prime Video title. While they got to grips with their creations, HP engaged the guest in a candid conversation based around the show or movie. With four episodes featuring four unique influencers, the series secured over 3 million views across TikTok.

Interview Films

Interview Video Production Company

Branded Interview Videos | Authentic Conversations

Gramafilm has been crafting compelling branded interview videos since 2008. Over the years, we've partnered with clients in diverse sectors, including Finance, Tech, and Healthcare. Our interview films are a powerful way to let your brand's narrative shine through authentic interactions.

With our expertise, your brand story comes to life, creating a lasting impact with your audience. Get in contact today.

Twitter - Behind the Code - Tracy Chou

Twitter - Behind The Code

Animated interview video series, highlighting the Twitter developer community and their incredible work created with Twitter's API. This authentic focus on developer backstories showed anyone can get involved with #TwitterDev platform.

Amazon - IWD

In honour of International Women's Month 2023, we teamed up with Amazon to create an interview segment highlighting the journeys of their remarkable female employees. Employees like Janet T. Phan, a Senior Technical Product Manager at Amazon.

RMS - 1:30 - Interview Film

Retail Merchant Services - Interview

Series of short talking heads for Retail Merchant Services, featuring the Partnerships team, in relaxed conversation about what makes partnerships with RMS different. The films are being used on LinkedIn (Ads and team profile management activity), as well as on website and in presentations.

Android Developer Story, 2021 - Spotify x Android

Android - Developer Story

Android developers play a crucial role in enhancing device experiences, yet their work often remains in the shadows. To shed light on their contributions, we embarked on an interview series of Developer Stories in collaboration with Android.


Localising Film Services

Localised Film Services | Connecting with Global Audiences

Gramafilm has worked with international clients for fifteen years, crafting culturally resonating films for audiences across 180+ countries. We don’t just translate and dub; we immerse ourselves in the heart of each culture to transform films into captivating cinematic experiences.

With a proven track record of working with renowned brands like YouTube, Amazon, and Intel, we bring a wealth of expertise to ensure that every frame and every nuance is seamlessly adapted to the target market’s sensibilities. Discover some of our film localisation work below.

YouTube, Misinformation

YouTube tasked us with crafting an international campaign to combat misinformation and promote critical thinking in the digital age. We tailored the campaign to 70+ countries, adapting text, fonts, design, and even film content to resonate with each audience. See full campaign stats below.




YouTube #StayHome - UK

YouTube #StayHome - ESP