Gramafilm Premiere. A moment to sit back, relax and enjoy our work - big screen style.

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At Gramafilm, we’re no strangers to content.

2023 has already seen us produce branded content, films, events, and designs for Android, , , and to name a few.

Despite the team's constant drive, we know the importance of taking a moment to appreciate the work we're all so proud of. That's why we decided to take a break and head to the to sit back, unwind and enjoy some of our team's exceptional work.

Big screen style.

Met Gala Who?

The Android Show

Since 2021 Gramafilm has produced #TheAndroidShow - a livestream event opening up conversation with the Android developer community. This year, we helped unpack the latest news on Android foldables and large screens.

The culmination of three years of work, Don't Look Down took us on a journey from concept to completion. Showcasing the incredible passion and dedication that went into taking Kriss Kyle, alongside a 2.5 tonne bowl, 2,000ft into the air.


We're delighted to be helping our newest partner, DeepMind, world leaders in artificial intelligence research, highlight the amazing people behind their work. We uncovered the one common goal behind their many disciplines. Watch this space!