Welcoming to Issue #18 of GramaNews. Our August roundup of Exhibits, Films & 'Things We've Seen'. Plus some exciting award news!

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Shortlisted for Agency Award

Delighted to see that Gramafilm has been shortlisted for UK Independent Agency of the Year! With so much work always on the go, it's great to take a moment and appreciate how far we've come.

Summer Party

It might be one of London's worst summers weather-wise but at Gramafilm we're looking on the sunny side of life. Or at least, we did for the Summer Party! The morning after, not so much...

Spotify x Gramafilm

Keeping the theme of AI alive, we're excited to be using some in our latest project with Spotify. Using mid-journey our designer created some royalty-free album covers, insights piece coming soon!

Things We've Seen - Exhibits, Films, Work

The Sixth Commandment - TV

"Really well done. Incredible acting, direction and cinematography. Really creepy and sickening, especially as it's based on a true story." - Richard

Behavioural scientist defends Mayor of London ‘Maaate’ campaign - Work

Maaaate, have you seen this campaign? ​​Seeking to address everyday sexism, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, collaborated with Ogilvy UK on the 'Say maaate to a mate' campaign.

But despite the good intentions the campaign has caused division among the public, with some accusing it of being inadequate. To address the backlash, The Drum spoke to David Fanner, the consultant at Ogilvy’s Behavioral Science Practice division who led the research underpinning the work. Worth a read!

Lose Yourself in the Barbican - Exhibit

Who doesn’t love the Barbican? Designed by architectural icons Chamberlin, Powell and Bon the 40-acre Estate has amassed a rich history concealed within its brutalist exterior, and happily - this new digital platform allows visitors to see it all. Get lost in it.

Invincible: Season 2 (Trailer) - TV

“After waiting years for a follow-up to the emotional, tense and gorgeously gory rollercoaster of season one, the trailer finally dropped with some exciting cast announcements. Plus, we get a spin-off feature-length episode in the meantime.” - Jamie

Corr, What a Tune

Elevator to Hell - Morning Clouds

With the band name and brooding drum intro, the song itself is a beautifully tender surprise - Ben Corr, Creative

Rich's Movie of the Month

Putney Swope- Directed by Robert Downey Sr.


Weird and wacky late 60's satirical madness that takes on the advertising world. - Rich Perry, Producer

Quote of the Month

"July in London has been a lovely winter season"

- Ana Tapia, Producer

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