Welcome to GramaNews October Issue #20, featuring Exhibits, Films, and this time, our favourite Books!

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Things We've Seen - Exhibits, Films, Work

Armet Francis, Beyond The Black Triangle - Exhibit

"Free exhibit right here in Old Street, a stone’s throw from our office. Really great photography around the UK black experience. Not huge but if you’re in the area, certainly worth a visit!" - Cedd

Winning Hearts & Minds - TV

"Eye opening and bleak insight and investigation into the corruption in the police force in Afghanistan installed by our coalition - gives a glimpse into some of the recent history that lead to the Taliban takeover of the country after our withdrawal." - Rich

Crazy For You - Musical

"Old fashioned by charming, silly and with EXTREMELY good set, dancing and charisma it's a really fun night out." - Kate

Beckham - TV

"Nostalgia fest that was fun to watch. Spice girls. France '98. Brylcreem. Predator football boots. Made me remember my resentment of 90's Man. Utd. being an Aston Villa fan. Randomly directed by Fisher Stevens." - Rich

Phillip Guston, Tate - Exhibit

"Philip Guston at Tate Modern is a biggie. Worth a visit for sure." - Max

Corr, What a Tune

R.I.P. - E.O. Pan

Pan flute meets Dub. - Ben Corr, Creative

Marko's Movie of the Month

Ponyo - Hayao Miyazaki


"I cried." - Marko Steinberg, Director

Quote of the Month

"I'm deeply obsessed with meme's, when vine died I was so miserable."

- Jessica Palmarozza, Producer

Things We've Seen - Books

Each month we dive into a topic of our choice, everything from sustainability to sound-systems. For this month, we're looking at that old familiar friend, books. With so many suggestions, we've picked out a few selects whilst curating the rest. Dive in!

Blood Meridian - Cormac McCarthy

"Would love to see this try to be converted into a series. Deadwood on HBO is somewhat close, but not quite." - Rich

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow - Gabrielle Zevin

"I cannot recommend it enough! It's about a friendship over 3 decades between friends who make games together." - Kate

MAUS - Art Spiegelman

"Visually incredibly striking. A really harrowing account of the holocaust, particularly as it’s told in such a child-like manner and medium. I wept when I read it, as it made the history really hit home." - Kate

A Little Life - Hanya Yanagihara

"This is a very powerful and tough book. There is a lot of characters with complicated life situations but for me all of them now feel like friends." - Luba

Walk Through Walls - Marina Abramovic

"Marina Abramovic’s memoir of her years as an artist. She goes into depth on the background of a lot of her most famous performances as well as moments in her life that defined her art. She explores emotion, human body, pain and behaviour, and how they interconnect. Its really unfiltered, provocative, poetic and funny." - Nat

The Yellow Wallpaper - Charlotte Perkins-Gilman

"Not a whole book, but one of the best short stories ever written. A look into the slow demise of a women suffering from post-natal depression, locked in an attic with yellow wallpaper. Read it. It’s fascinating and so well done." - Nicki

A Little History of the World - Ernst Gombrich

"Written to be easily digestible - aka for young adults - this book is such a nice recap of your world history knowledge. Currently reading about the Assyrians & Sumerians and feeling very much like I'm in a 1-1 lecture with an old cute, impassioned history teacher. Recommend if you feel like you need a brief history recap." - Cedd

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big - Scott Adams

"I read this book and was actually talking about it with my dad this week - really enjoyed it and so relevant about the importance of having good consistent small habits that turn into incredible routines!" - Ana

A few others...

New Shoot, Old Friends (& Tech)

We're collaborating again with the Artificial Intelligence experts, Google DeepMind. It's truly thrilling to work alongside these pioneering minds. This project is another London-based production, and this time it's just around the corner from our office! Stay tuned for more updates.

New addition to the film cellar?

Our upcoming partnership is so far, ageing to perfection. We've poured all our creative spirit into it and can't wait to release it. But when? Well, something tells me October will be a fruitful month. Watch this space.

Looking for Talking Heads?

This must be the place. We spent time curating some of our best interview & talking head films into a new section of our website, take a look here. Interested in seeing if we can capture your voice? Get in contact.

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