Welcome to June, Issue #16 of GramaNews! Our monthly roundup of Exhibits, Films & 'Things We've Seen'. This edition we're looking at Sustainability.

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Things We've Seen - Exhibits, Films

Hilma af Klint & Piet Mondrian: Forms of Life - Tate Modern, Now - 3rd Sept 2023

"It’s incredible to see how two artists explore the same theme of nature in their own languages, creating such different artworks. So beautiful and really well layered out." - Ana

IMAGINE - Film, AI-Generated

"I was impressed by what you can do with AI when I first saw this short film." - Sophie

Milk - The Wellcome Collection, Now - 10th Sept 2023

"A mind-boggling (and free!!) exploration of the role milk has in society, culture and even politics and how it’s helped shape the UK narrative on strength and power. Got milk? This exhibition does." - Nat

Corr, What a Tune

Oscar Browne- Never Quite Right

The sun is out, time to get that sad Indie music going. Apart from the worst snare sound in recorded history, this song has everything you want to kick off those summer months.

Marko's Movie of the Month

Repo Man - Directed by Park Chan-wook


"Cosmic Chaos" - Marko Steinberg, Director

Quote of the Month

"Today is when I start my modelling career"

Quote on starring in new social content - Cedd Mumby, Marketing.

Things We've Seen - Sustainability

Every month, we will delve into various brands, inventions, and ideas revolving around a specific theme. For this month, our spotlight is on sustainability. Take a look!

Natural Burial Sites - Cottage Core death

"Cremation solves a space problem but it uses lots of energy and burns fuel. There are natural burial sites (normally in woodland) where you can be buried in wicker caskets. Once the sites are full, the land can still be used for agriculture or become a coppice woodland (where trees are not felled but pruned and the wood used / sold as a resource). It also means that the land can't be developed so it protects woodland from urbanisation." - Jessica

"The other weekend I found myself in the industrial wastelands of North Acton, I was at an unassuming industrial estate with a vibrant high tech art scene hidden within. Filled with beautiful and cutting edge work being created, Blast Studios was one of the stand outs for me. Using their own concoction of recycled waste and fungus, they 3D print work bordering art and furniture." - Ben

"Airbnb have this fund called the OMG! Fund where people can apply for money to build these crazy homes. It hasn’t been running for long but I think it’s so fun and the builds that come out of it are so structurally interesting, a little mad and sustainable. My personal favourite has to be the Potato Hotel." - Natalie