Welcome to July, Issue #17 of GramaNews! Our monthly roundup of Exhibits, Films & 'Things We've Seen'.

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Things We've Seen - Exhibits, Films, Things

Think fast-food? Think Mcdonalds. Think videos? Think YouTube. Now think of them both... you're thinking of the YouTube Shorts Drive Thru. Or at least, you will do now. The newest creative idea at Vidcon, YouTube Shorts Drive Thru was a smash, bringing a new meaning to digestible content. Check. it. out.

"Imagine the horror of your childhood pet rock having teeth." - Nat (Lover of pet-rocks)

Ok, we know we just said think fast food, think Mcdonald's. But this might change that. We loved this advert from Burger King. Original, funny, effective - and self-effacing.“I really want a chicken royale. It worked.” - Scarlett

"Polycam may be my new Midjourney. I keep wanting to see how far we can push it and what we can do. Every time I see a new use for it, I'm annoyed I didn't think of it. That said, loved this use though from some old parkour pals." - Cedd

Corr, What a Tune

Since Ben is currently OOO in Greece, I think we can safely assume his song of the month will be this.

Marko's Movie of the Month

The Love Witch - Directed by Anna Biller


"Pretty girls killing men" - Marko Steinberg, Director

Quote of the Month

"How short is too short to wear work appropriate shorts?

Quote on summer heat - Marko Steinberg, Director

Things We've Seen - Music Innovation

Every month, we will delve into various brands, inventions, and ideas revolving around a specific theme. For this month, our spotlight is on Music Innovation. Take a look!

Roland, Tech

"Not made much in the last 20 years I like, but their run from the 60s-90s shaped modern music more than any other brand. Tadao Kikumoto from Roland is the man responsible for a large portion of sounds still heard in electronic (dance, hip hop, pop etc.) music today." - Ben

Teenage Engineering, Tech

"Minimalist aesthetic consumer music products. Haven't quite bought their £2,000 table yet - but one day, one day." - James

Arcade Fire, Interactive Music Video

"Gone are the days of MTV... alas. But, do think the music video could thrive again with internet-engageability. Yet to see one that really does an amazing job of it, but loved Arcade Fire at least trying it!" - Cedd

Colours, YouTube Channel

"The cut-back music video style of Colour is reminiscent of actually seeing live music - no surprises this and Tiny Desk are doing so well. Also a great platform to discover new artists from all over the world." - Sophie

Refugee Week

June saw Refugee Week (19-25th) return, so in turn, we thought we'd try and get more eyes back on Bees & Refugees, the organisation we helped feature as part of our Magazine initiative last year. .

Red Bull - 100 Million Views!

We've been producing some of the world's best branded content with Red Bull in a relationship spanning 10 years. So, we're delighted to celebrate 100 million views across all of our content partnerships! Good Skills.

Gramafilm Hen-Duo's

Gramafilm's very own Jessica Palmarozza & Nicki Riley both celebrated their Hen-Do's earlier this month, so we thought we'd make a work occasion of it too. Congrats to both of you! Even better skills.

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