London based production company, Gramafilm, heads to Print Club London for a day screen printing merch.

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Marking the Occasion

To celebrate 14 years of producing creative content, the Gramafilm team decided to do something a little different.

Make some Merch.

Print Club London offered the perfect place to get involved in the process, offering team workshops for some hands on help.

Based in Dalston, Print Club London works to support the printing technique through its 24/7 studio, workshops and gallery space to support artists. Check them out:

As a production company, Gramafilm has done screen printing for clients - but not quite this hands on…

Fourth time lucky...

Fourth time lucky...

Organic Cotton, Organic Creation

Having supplied Print Club London with three designs, the team set to work printing them on 100% cotton, eco-friendly Tote's & Tee's. Print screening offered a great way to control the process, ensuring Gramafilm didn't have to use more polluting, mass-production techniques to make their merch.

Keeping , in everything they do.

Made by humans*

Incorporating their founders ‘Good Skills’ catchphrase, the Gramafilm team got to work.

Some Professional Prints...

Having designed & produced screen printing for a range of clients & campaigns, including Google Playtime events for a couple years, some members had more 'Good Skills' than others.

Don't hate the player, hate the playtime.

Luckily, the London Print Club staff were there to help the rest of the team with all things technique. Taking the Gramafilm crew from novice to merch-making machines in a couple of hours, with some laughs - and a fair few mistakes - along the way.

We had such a fun day printing at Print Club London, everyone loved it - we will be back!


Thanks to our studio manager, Scarlett O'Reilly, for organising!

Credit to Marko Steinberg's 'Good Skills' for snapping the pics and thanks to Print Club London for a wonderful day out - Gramafilm

Check Print Club London here: