At Gramafilm, remarkable women shape our core.

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From the ingenious producers to the visionary creatives and meticulous editors, women represent the heart and soul of this company. This International Women's Day, we're taking a moment to celebrate and appreciate their invaluable contributions.

Scarlett O'Reilly - Studio Manager

"Scarlett has truly transformed our office into a home away from home. Her genuine care and appreciation for each team member make us all feel valued and cherished. Draped in Lazy Oaf (Come on guys, sponsor her already!), we can’t remember Gramafilm before Scarlett!"

Natalia Atkins - Producer

"Natalia has hit the ground practically sprinting! And always comes in with a smile. She’s organised, incredibly dedicated and consistently goes above and beyond. After witnessing her freelance brilliance, we knew we couldn't let her slip away. And yes, we really like her fits. Great Skills."

Nicki Riley - Client Services

"Nicki is the heart and soul of this company. Alongside her trusted pooch, Otis, Nicki both fights fires and sparks ideas all whilst uplifting everyone around her. Having a bad day? Nicki. Need help with a job? Nicki. She is invaluable and quite simply, we’d be totally lost without her.”

Luba Shramko - Producer

“Luba is not to be messed with. She’s better organised than you, smarter than you and knows exactly what she wants. We love her. And you should too.”

Natalie Galvau - Creative

“Nat's brilliance is simply astounding. Her creativity, quality and frankly, bad-ass shoes, are the envy of us all. From day one, it was clear we’d found one of the brightest, most creative minds Gibraltar ever produced. (No, we’re not sure on the competition.)

Lucy M-H - Head of Operations

“We’re all in awe of Lucy's brilliance. Proactive, organised, and fiercely hardworking, Lucy is the backbone of Gramafilm. Let’s hope she doesn’t break it skiing, snowboarding, or taking a Tuk-Tuk across South America.”

Sophie Pham - Editor

“Sophie shows just how lucky you can be to have someone in your life. Not only is she a fantastically skilled editor, but she is just about the nicest person you could hope to meet. Friend to all. Especially the Grama-Dogs. We love her. So look away, because she’s ours.”

Fatma Taharraoui - Producer

“Gramafilm’s latest edition, Fatma, has already proven that she is a stone-cold killer when it comes to production. With an innate ability to boss it, own it, and smile all the while - she’s a force to be reckoned with already - and we can’t wait to see where it goes from here!”

Violet - Dog

"The longest standing Grama-gal.

But the laziest."