We're bringing you the best of February in GramaNews Issue #24. Explore our must-see films, shows, and unique activations, all wrapped up with some Gramafilm news.

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Things We've Seen - Exhibits, Films, Work

Anatomy of a Fall - Movie

"I've watched Anatomy of a fall 2 months ago and the dog's performance still lives in my mind rent free.” - Fatma Taharraoui

The Dark Rooms Vertical - Exhibit (Berlin)

"I've told anyone at length who'll let me how much i enjoyed this" - Ben

Car Driving Sequence, LED Screen - Activation

"Creating a car crash on LED stage. Mad skills." - James

Zone of Interest - Movie

"Watched Zone of Interest yesterday. Very dark but very powerful. Needs to be watched in the cinema for the sound." - Luba

Rothko Retrospective - Exhibit (Paris)

"Feels like a biblical blot test. Very beautiful" - Cedd

Corr, What a Tune

Working it out - ML Buch

"One of those perfect ‘loop right back to the start as it fades out’ type songs." - Ben Corr, Creative

Marko's Movie of the Month

The Boy and the Heron - Hayao Miyazaki


"A song of love, loss and fascist parakeets" - Marko Steinberg, Director

Quote of the Month

"I can't go to sleep without Boeing 747 white noise."

- Todd Padwick, friend of Gramafilm

Pancake Day

Gramafilm celebrated Pancake Day with a wealth of berries, Nutella & maple syrup for company. We even had some bees and refugees honey! Good skills.

Lights, camera, B Corp!

We're delighted to announce that Gramafilm has proudly joins the ranks of Patagonia, Innocent and The Body Shop as a Certified B Corporation in 2024.

Gramafilm Class of 2023

We're already feeling nostalgic for the amazing year we had last year, so we thought we'd fully lean into it with primary-school-esque 'Class of 2023' tea towel. Good Skills.

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