Troupe Wine, capturing moments and uncorking memories.

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Last week, the Gramafilm team got another chance to get hands-on with Troupe Wine - the latest brand featured in Gramafilm Magazine. Here at Grama, we love how Troupe foreground their winemakers, celebrating each winemaker with a unique illustration.

If you haven’t seen, we featured their latest edition, Troupe x Martin Diwald, with a film exploring the small Vienna vineyard where winemaker Martin Diwald grew this latest Troupe batch. However, we wanted to do more.

We took the chance to take some product photography, capturing moments and admittedly, uncorking some memories along the way. Thanks to Tiago Kingwell & Marko Steinberg for the snaps!

Make sure to check out our Troupe film here. Thanks to Luba, Jess, Tiago & Marko for these!

Behind The Vine...