Welcome to GramaNews November Issue #21. This month, we're featuring a variety of exhibits, films, and beverage branding.

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Things We've Seen - Exhibits, Films, Work

Daisy Collingridge, Splanchnic - Exhibit

"Last chance to grab this exhibit which, whilst quite small, is certainly worth a visit. Attack on Titan meets the Sky Kid creatures meets pink." - Cedd

Boiling Point - TV

"Came out the start of the month online. Just caught up. The dramatic series follow up to the one-take film with Stephen Graham. Worth a watch!" - Rich

Aardman Animation Model Making, Cartoon Museum - Exhibit

"Not really an exhibit but c'mon, who doesn't want to make some real life wrong trousers?" - Cedd

Eurostar, Together We Go Further - Work

"Quite a nice new mixed animation style film for Eurostar." - Rich

Killers of the Flower Moon - Film

"Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro & the creepy guy from Breaking Bad. Perfect." - Marko

Corr, What a Tune

Napalm Death - You Suffer

Concise - Ben Corr, Creative

Marko's Movie of the Month

After Hours - Martin Scorsese


"The original Uncut Gems" - Marko Steinberg, Director

Quote of the Month

"God I love wine"

- Nicki Riley, Client Services

Things We've Seen - Beverage Branding

Each month we dive into a topic of our choice, everything from sustainability to sound-systems. For this month, we're looking at some movers & shakers in the alcoholic beverage world.

Jameson - BBQ Experience - Film

"Great idea when the product is always in the middle of attention. Really nicely shot." - Luba

Thirsty Thoughts - Stranger Thoughts - Experience

"The world's first mind-controlled, beer-pouring robot." - Rich

Free Baileys Button - Experience

"Free carlsberg billboard was a hit, so baileys took a leaf out of their book and created an activation giving away free baileys by pressing a huge button to promote their bailey's light. Yum." - Nicki

Moth Drinks - Branding - Design

"Really strong cocktails, in nicely designed cans..Catch them at your next east-London girly pre-drinks. Love their branding!" - Cedd

New Branded Film w/M&C Saatchi

Behind every significant impact, there is a spark. The catalyst for change. Working with M&C Saatchi, we showed how one high street bank’s grants provide this spark, helping organisations and their users across the country progress in life. Check it out.

New Branded Film w/Troupe Wine

Our collaboration with natural-wine masters, Troupe Wine, is here! We teased the drop last month, and now you can watch our film here to explore a small village near Vienna and meet the man behind Troupe’s latest batch.

World Food Day w/Gramafilm

We celebrated World Food Day in October at Gramafilm by sharing dishes close to home. Russian Salad, Guinness Cake, and Borek were just a few of the delicious offerings. Thanks for bringing your Good Skills everyone!

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