Since 2020, Gramafilm and Twitter have collaborated to transform captivating stories into vivid animations and films, engaging developers and users alike.

Working alongside Twitter, we've come together to create new campaigns to celebrate the Twitter Developers Community. Check out our animated video series, highlighting the Twitter developer community and their incredible work created with Twitter's API.

Twitter - #BuildWhatsNext

Animated film showing developers it's never been easier to #BuildWhatsNext with Twitter API.

Twitter - Behind the Code - Tracy Chou

Tracy Chou - Behind The Code

Ex-Pinterest lead developer, activist and creator of Block Party, Tracy Chou, uses the Twitter API on her mission to block out hate - building solutions for better user control, protection, and safety.

Twitter - Behind the Code Janique-ka John

Janique-Ka John - Behind the Code

Janique-ka is a Software Engineer, the Founder of Women in Tech Caribbean and a developer for Twitter. Last year, she built the now widely used Spaces Search App using their API, we see how.

We’ve removed barriers, done the hard work and cleared the way for you to build what’s next – fuelled by our tech and the community’s inspiration. All you need is your imagination.

AMIR SHEVAT – Head of Product, Developer Platform, Twitter X