Animated film showing developers it's never been easier to #BuildWhatsNext with Twitter API.

Developer Engagement Campaign

With the release of their latest API, Twitter wanted to spark developer creativity by demonstrating the huge opportunities open to explore in API v2.

Hoping to inspire new and lapsed developers, Twitter asked us to celebrate innovation, highlight successful creations, test ideas and ultimately demonstrate that it has never been easier to #BuildWhatsNext with Twitter's API.

Sparking Developer Creativity

With API v2, Twitter has introduced new features & functionality to remove barriers of innovation from their developers.

Knowing the platform is at its best when working alongside this community, Twitter wanted to demonstrate how they'd opened up the platform to developers, helping them achieve "more then we ever could alone”.

Inviting developers to build what’s next.

Tap into what’s happening to build what’s next

Integrated Branded Campaign

This Hero film kicked off a wider Twitter Developer Engagement Campaign, highlighting the new functionality and celebrating those #BehindTheCode.

We capture a select few developers to show off the amazing things already happening with Twitter’s API. All to inspire other developers to #GetInvolved.

Explore this animated video series and the incredible developer community here.

We’ve removed barriers, done the hard work and cleared the way for you to build what’s next – fuelled by our and the community’s inspiration. All you need is your imagination.

Amir Shevata, Twitter X