We love designing and producing events. We also love creating bespoke video content for them as an added layer for guests to enjoy.


What we did

Over the years we’ve built up a varied collection of animations created especially for our Playtime and Indie Games events. From using cutting edge procedural algorithms to classic stop motion, we’ve covered it all.

Back to the old school

The personal touches always make a difference. To kick off Playtime 2019, an event for app and games developers, we created an action packed adventure filled with references of the companies sitting there in the audience.

Adventure time

To drive entries for Google Play’s Indie Games competition, we produced an online advert to speak directly to developers.

And we begin

Played out on a massive 10m screen, this countdown signaled the start of Playtime 2017.

Based on the brutalist architecture of the venue and the neon lights we filled it with, it built up the excitement for the keynote speech.