Getting to know the extraordinary people at the forefront of AI with nine films exploring Google DeepMind.


Google DeepMind

What we did

Many disciplines, one common goal

Google DeepMind is a leading artificial intelligence research lab that has been making groundbreaking advances in the field since 2010. Although people may be aware of its power, the full scope of work behind AI remains a mystery.

To disparage stereotypes and showcase the multiple applications and outcomes of AI, we explored the people behind Google DeepMind and the diverse areas of work.

Embodied Intelligence - Stefano’s story

Ranging from robotics to comedy, everyone working at Google DeepMind has a different story. What they all share is a passion for technology and the goal of changing the world through AI.

From Texas to Tech - Piage's story

Meet Paige Bailey, Lead Product Manager at Google DeepMind. From a small-town Texas upbringing to the forefront of generative AI, Paige is on a mission to understand and optimise how people work. Ensuring that the benefits of cutting-edge technology are within reach for all.

Comedy of Errors - Kory’s story

What do language models and improv have in common? More than you might think. Research scientist Kory performs alongside an AI chatbot in his improv shows - and he hopes this technology can help more people create together with AI.

Nine Stories, Three Countries, One Google DeepMind.
No single discipline has all the answers needed to build AI.

Creating the Worlds That Enable Research - Sarah’s story

Lifting on the veil on Google DeepMind

Despite its immense scale, documenting the diverse perspectives, individuals, and departments of Google DeepMind's 2,000 employees proved to be an enthralling endeavour.

From musicians, to math-wiz's, artists & applied physicists we shortlisted over 150 experts, profiling each individual before eventually interviewing 38 people in person.


Building the Tools to Make Ai Breakthroughs Possible - Anna’s Story

As a digital artist, Anna understands the importance of having the right tools. The same can be said for her role as an UX engineer on the Platform team. Using her background in electrical engineering, Anna builds and manages the critical tools needed for exploration at Google DeepMind.


Developing the Ultimate AI Collaborator - Drew’s Story

Drew has always been fascinated with science, philosophy, and the arts. As part of the Machine Learning team, he’s able to draw on these passions - researching patterns and the impact they may have on the future of AGI.

Thanks to you and the team for being such amazing partners on this, your creativity and guidance really made these special.

Emma Yousif – Creative Content Manager, Google DeepMind

Connecting the dots with AI - Deeni’s Story

To solve hard problems like artificial general intelligence, you have to be able to connect the dots. For product manager Deeni, that means matching cutting-edge research with real-world problems. Learning from those around her, she sees the potential of AI to help billions of people around the world.

Making the Connections to Advance AI - Annette’s story

As a program manager, Annette plays a critical role in facilitating ‘how’ Google DeepMind get there - managing key projects, working with external partners, and ultimately enabling their multidisciplinary teams to do their best work.

We understand the power of diversity. Bringing together people with different experiences, knowledge, backgrounds, and perspectives strengthens our community and our work.

– Careers, Google DeepMind