Showing the world that anyone can be an app maker, we created a two-year, global campaign for Android.

Breaking down stereotypes

Too little is known about the creative lives of app makers. And we wanted to make their diverse backgrounds and dedication visible through film.

Android immediately fell in love with our idea, and together, we created a series of films and related content about their incredible community.

Life behind the tech

We selected 11 founders, product managers, designers and developers with unique stories to tell. Our mission was to follow real app makers engaging with their passions and show what they do when they step away from their computers.


Josefin Eklund | Neon light artist


Rosa Mei | Movement fanatic

The work with the #IMakeApps team was absolutely amazing.

Jaehyung Daniel Lee – Scuba Diver


Jaehyung Daniel Lee | Scuba diver

The campaign was picked up by The Drum, receiving a 5* review.

#IMakeApps leaves aside the tech and centers on telling the real human stories that bind us all together.

Maker stories

The initial series showed app makers trekking through the mountains of Nepal, scuba diving in South Korea, bringing art to people in New York, robot fighting in Argentina and more.

We’ve now been full time on the road for a total of about 10 years.

Sterling Udell – Senior software engineer, Android


Niek Bokkers | Adventurer


Sterling Udell | RV nomad


Expanding the Campaign

For every story captured, we designed and produced bespoke social media and digital content to engage wider audiences.

And to accompany Google’s Playtime 2018 in Berlin, we launched an expansive out-of-home advertising campaign across the city. The campaign was picked up by news outlets like , who gave it five star.

Android Video Production Partners

Since 2014, Gramafilm has been collaborating with Android to create captivating branded films, events, and challenges. Our award-winning Android campaigns have achieved over 85 million views and have reached audiences in more than 50 countries.

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