Building Shakespeare's first real time avatar. We partnered with Intel and the RSC for the Silver Cannes Lion winning production of The Tempest to bring the groundbreaking performance to life outside of the theatre.



What we did

The brief was multifaceted with a mini documentary series looking behind the curtain of how Intel’s technology made it possible for the first time to capture an actor’s movements and render them as a 3D avatar - all in real time.

Alongside this, we ran a full digital campaign spanning strategy, creative direction and asset creation to drive ticket sales and create a positive brand uplift for Intel.

Intel x RSC - The Teaser Trailer

The Teaser Trailer

Intel x RSC - The 3 Minute Edit

The 3 Minute Edit

84 Million impressions around the globe with 9 million views across social.

Social Media First

Social media was integral to the campaign to help ensure the project reached a new diverse and varied audience, not just existing fans of Shakespeare and the RSC. Bespoke content for all platforms, including Instagram stories, Facebook canvas, Snapchat filters and a huge bank of gifs, images and short videos were part of what drove the successful campaign.