Bottling minor masterpieces with Troupe, natural wine producers.



What we did

Natural Wine Film

In the past few years, the natural wine scene in London has exploded. Today, every corner of London now boasts bottle shops stocked with low intervention wines, or packed bars serving a curated list of small batch creations.

Troupe, a new wine collective, is one such creation.

Troupe x Gramafilm - Master Film (Gramafilm Version)

Profiling Winemaker

Troupe works hard to explore & unearth the best experiments in natural wine and bring them to market in London. But, what clearly sets Troupe apart is how they foreground their winemakers.

Every label boasts a unique illustration of the winemaker, and each release proudly carries the winemaker's name. Here, consumers don't simply engage with a brand; they connect with the farmer, the artist, and, of course, the winemaker.

Winemakers like Martin Diwald.

Found through the grapevine

Like Troupe, Gramafilm follows the human story behind any brand.

At the suggestion of producer Jessica Palmarozza, Gramafilm offered Troupe their latest Magazine collaboration, a place to showcase independent creatives, social initiatives and industry movers and shakers. This collaboration was seen as a way to support Troupe's story - and potentially get a few tasters along the way.

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The textural nature of the film really reflects Martin’s approach to winemaking, and the hand made quality of Troupe wines.

Tom – Director, Troupe