Diving into skincare brand Neighbourhood Botanicals, with formulator and founder Micaela Nisbet.


Neighbourhood Botanicals

What we did

Finding the formula for success.

From engineering music to engineering skincare, natural beauty brand Neighbourhood Botanicals took an interesting road to East London.

Founded by ex-sound engineer, Micaela Nisbet, Neighbourhood Botanicals uses sustainable, organic, plant-based ingredients in a "formulator led" approach. Meaning Micaela can makes the products she finds most appealing. As we discovered in a lab in East Leyton.

Morning Routine


Putting the scents together; that’s kind of like EQing a song. It’s a precise art. Sometimes more an art than a science.

Micaela Nisbet – Founder

When our director Tiago Kingwell stumbled across Micaela’s lab one afternoon, he was struck not only by the eye-catching retro branding but also by her small-batch, handmade methodology. Micaela’s products are beautiful, useful and honest.

We wanted to reflect these qualities in the films we made for the brand. Tiago combined digital, celluloid and VHS formats, often setting picture within picture, to create a nostalgic feeling of archive and memory.

We also had some extra help on set, finding the perfect production manager - Bones, Micaela’s Maltese Chihuahua!

Skincare, Sound & Social Cuts

Drawing upon inspiration from Micaela’s background in sound engineering, the team wanted to make sound a central part of the film too, creating textural audio that pulls the film together thematically.

“It’s filled with subtleties,” says Richard Perry, Gramafilm’s Head of Production. “I really need to give a shout out to our editor Ross Casswell for that and the team at Sound Disposition who created a full sound design & mix”.

Making this noise heard socially, where Neighbourhood Botanicals do a lot of their business, was also a must. From our film shoot we created a suite of beautiful social cut downs.

The film campaign is a part of Gramafilm’s Magazine initiative, which provides their creative team with an opportunity to work on passion projects, telling stories that would otherwise be left untold. You can read more about here.