Branded film series showcasing how one high street bank is making a difference across the country.


M&C Saatchi

What we did

It All Starts With a Spark.

Behind every significant impact, there is a spark. The catalyst for change.

Working with M&C Saatchi, we showed how one high street bank’s grants provide this spark, helping organisations and their users across the country progress in life.


Trussell Trust

In partnership with the Trussell Trust, this High Street Bank has supported people unable to afford the essentials. Together they've increased the number of food banks offering financial inclusion services from 43% to 75% by March 2025.

It's about working to maximise the incomes of individuals and families.

Nigel Oanea-Cram – Financial Inclusion Manager, The Trussell Trust

Digital Eagles

Talent Foundry

We filmed three charities action in reverse, starting with the impact being experienced in the community, and rewinding backwards to how it came to be.

From building employability skills to championing sustainable business growth, we helped this high street bank show how they’re sparking opportunities across communities.


We travelled across the country to Pontypool, Leek & London capturing these stories. Along the way, we had dad-cam.

Featuring producers, Rich Perry & Adam Laughton and director, Tiago Kingwell.