Attract Top Talent with Employer Brand Videos (London)

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In today's competitive talent market, a strong employer brand is essential for attracting and retaining top employees. Here at Gramafilm, a London-based B-Corp video production company, we understand the power of storytelling and its impact on building a compelling employer brand. That's why companies like Google DeepMind and Amazon trust us to create award-winning employer brand video campaigns and launches.

Google DeepMind - Employer Brand Series, Paige

An inside look at Google DeepMind, lifting the curtain on the world-leading Artificial Intelligence company. Nine Stories, Three Countries, One Google DeepMind.


Android - Employer Brand Series

Showing the world that anyone can be an app maker, we created a two-year, global campaign for Android.

Amazon Ads - Employer Brand Launch

Amazon Ads - Employer Brand Launch

Having freshly re-launched their employer brand, Amazon Ads asked us to create an internal-facing animation that educated and excited employees on the latest look.

Google DeepMind - Employer Brand Series, Stefano

Ranging from robotics to comedy, everyone working at Google DeepMind has a different story. Our Employer Brand video campaign showcased these various backgrounds, skillsets & more.

Why Gramafilm for Your Employer Brand Video?

We believe in the power of your people. Our videos ditch the generic office tours and delve into the real stories and experiences of your employees. This authenticity resonates with potential candidates, allowing them to envision themselves thriving within your unique company culture.

Our track record speaks volumes. We've travelled the globe, working with companies across the UK, US, EU, and beyond. Here's how we've helped our clients:

  • Celebrate & Attract New Talent: We collaborated with Google's Android team to create the award-winning #IMakeApps series. This campaign celebrated the diverse range of individuals who build apps for Android, showcasing the human element behind the product and attracting a wider talent pool.
  • Demystify Job Roles: Our recent work with Google DeepMind shed light on the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence. By explaining complex roles in an engaging way, we helped them attract qualified candidates who might not have otherwise considered a career in AI.
  • Showcase More Than Workspaces: We've partnered with industry giants like Amazon, Intel, and Siemens to create videos that showcase world class facilities in a truly engaging way.

Intel x Siemens: Factory of the Future

Allergan BOTOX

Allergan - BOTOX Factory

Shared Values: A B-Corp Advantage

As a certified B-Corp, we share your commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We create videos that not only attract top talent but also reflect your company's values and purpose.

Ready to Elevate Your Employer Brand?

Let Gramafilm craft an employer brand video that tells your unique story, attracts the best talent, and positions your company as a leader in its field.