Teaming up with DDB Remedy, we produced a series of short films, making Takeda’s new treatment for Crohn's disease feel relatable and accessible.

What we did

Building patient confidence

People suffering from Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis often depend on medicated infusions given at a hospital or clinic. Takeda’s new treatment, Entyvio, helps these patients regain their independence through self-injections given at home.

But for some, the idea of self-injected medicine can be scary and intimidating. To build patient confidence, we introduced Entyvio with a series of short films that are empathetic, positive and informative.


Capturing multiple stories

The films capture the personal experiences of a young woman, at her wedding, home and in doctor offices.

Telling multiple stories for different audiences and regions – including an injection tutorial and patient journey – we produced a modular film that could be edited and adjusted in parts.

Premium yet relatable

Leading the creative process, planning and production, we provided detailed storyboards, keeping everyone on board so the production could run smoothly.

From scouting to building sets, with a 25-person crew and 33-person cast, we shot a series of films over 4 days in 4 different locations. And to create a premium yet relatable feel, we involved a dedicated art direction team from the start.