A 360° campaign humanising the science behind Teoxane’s rejuvenating treatments, solidifying them globally as one of the most trusted brands in aesthetic medicine and skincare



What we did

Building confidence through creative content

With there being a lot of uncertainty and unanswered questions out in the general public around dermal-fillers as a cosmetic treatment, we set out to reassure and build confidence through three films that told three different stories, head on addressing common unanswered questions and also showing that there is no one person that these treatments are made for.

Take a look here...

Refresh - Olivia | Film 1

Renewed - Matt | Film 2

Empowered - Joanna | Film 3

The work that has been created across digital and offline has been better than we ever expected

Charley Clewley – Marketing Coordinator, Teoxane

Activation Film, Dermal Filler - TeoxaneActivation Film, Cosmectic - TeoxaneCosmectic Photography, Gramafilm

Capturing authentic stories

We captured real skin texture and facial movements, defying perceptions that dermal fillers limit expression or make you look unnatural.

With these promotional films framing people up close, we honed in on beautiful imperfections with boxes highlighting possible areas of treatment.

Offline & online campaign

From our photography and film shoot we designed & created a suite of beautiful assets for a multitude of purposes and formats including Out of Home, social content and in clinic materials.

From printed billboards to digital screens, our Out of Home photography appeared all over.

Progressive web platform

A lot of people have no clue where to start when it comes to skin treatments or dermal-fillers.

So alongside producing testimonial films sharing Key Opinion Leaders recommendations, we also decided to built an immersive online experience and to help customers in finding a solution right for them.

As with skin routines, there is no one-size-fits-all. So, our Headless CMS Web Platform guided users to their own tailored skin treatment through a series of questions.

We built an algorithm which would display more relevant model photography through attributes such as age, gender and race, increasing their user's sense of trust & understanding.

All working towards humanising Teoxane's solutions, supplying unique treatments for unique people.

The entire team at Gramafilm have been fantastic to work with

Charley Clewley – Marketing Coordinator, Teoxane