Android Tablet Commercial showcasing the amazing experiences developers can provide with Android Tablets & Large Screen Devices.


What we did

Big News for Big Screen Devices

At Google I/O 22’, Android revealed significant updates for Tablets, introducing exciting possibilities for app developers to craft new immersive experiences for Tablets and Large Screen Devices.

To showcase the potential, we created 'Tablet Moments Built By You,' a commercial inspiring developers to build amazing experiences.

Tablet Commercial Production

Highlighting how Android Developers work results in meaningful moments for users, our commercial showed Tablets helping people connect with loved ones, stay productive on the go, and contribute to their communities.


Testing, Tablets, 1,2,3

With a desire to keep developers & tablet users right in the action, we made sure to use a lot of first-person, intimate shots. Each scene required its own unique emotion, with Tablet’s triggering a new “moment” with each new use.

Of course, we had to put it all to the test.

Supporting Google I/O

For nearly a decade, Gramafilm has partnered with Google Android, supporting on everything from challenges to headline events Google I/O. This commercial was produced for the Developer Keynote at Google I/O '22, showcasing the latest updates for devices & demonstrating the potential to connect individuals through new Tablet development.

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