Introducing the LG Styler to the UK market, a high-tech steaming device for clothes worthy of care.



What we did

Making high-tech relatable

LG’s new product shakes up traditional clothing care. So we set out to create a series of relatable commercials showing how the LG Styler fits effortlessly into the home and how people can use it alongside their existing routines.

Animating a realistic setting

Initially, we planned to film on-set with a group of actors interacting with the device. But then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and we quickly had to find a new solution.

Working from home we were able to create a photorealistic and inviting setting with 3D animation.

Showing a range of capabilities

We created four animated films showing the LG Styler’s different capabilities, from refreshing delicate dresses to removing bacteria on teddy bear rucksacks.

LG Styler, School Uniform

LG Styler | school uniform

LG Styler | teddybear