Producing the largest online developer marketing event in the world. A three-year partnership with Google Android creating, branding & producing #TheAndroidShow.

Since 2021, we’ve worked with Google Android to craft #TheAndroidShow, a series of global livestream events & short episodes built around creating conversations with the Android developer community.

Conceived & branded by Gramafilm, these quarterly shows unveil Android's latest news, inspiring developers to create top-notch apps through Google Play and Android’s newest features.

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From Crisis to Constant...

In 2021, realising the need to foster engagement via new channels, we worked with Android to pioneer The Android Show (#TAS). A live-streamed show led by host/s and incorporating VTs, this show was designed to bring back the feeling of time and place lost during the pandemic.

Though born from the COVID era, The Android Show (#TAS) stands apart from Zoom quizzes & sourdough starters, and Tiger King. Unlike fleeting fads, it not only endured but thrived, and is now bigger than ever.

Android's most exciting developer launches this year

Kari Byron – Host, Android

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The second Android Show of 2021 launched the annual Android Dev Summit - a face-to-face event for developers - ensuring Android’s online community was kept in the know.

Speaking of launches...

A standout feature of the first-ever Android Show was our Jetpack Compose #AndroidDevChallenge launch video, shot and produced by Gramafilm.

Read more about it here.

#TAS 2021, Episode 2 - Teaser

#TAS 2021, Episode 2 - Teaser

Leveraging our #TeamJetpack campaign we constructed a #DevSignal inviting developers to heed the call, creating apps to destroy the “bugs of chaos”. The teaser was viewed over 14 million times.

Android Developer Story, 2021 - Spotify x Android

#TAS 2021, Episode 2 - Developer Story, Spotify

With the theme of 'Excellent Apps Across Devices,' we created a new Developer Story showing how Spotify developers adapt for tablets and wearables with Android UI. With their mission to connect creators with fans worldwide, Spotify was the perfect feature.

2022: Developer Marketing Success

The success of the first two episodes of #TheAndroidShow in 2021 led to the commissioning of two more long-form online broadcasts in 2022.

#TAS 2022, Episode 1 - Teaser

Deciding to introduce a shift in tone for the new series, we recast the host from being a curious outsider to speaking from a position of knowledge. Featuring 2 of Android’s very own Developers, Florina Muntenescu and Huyen Tue Dao.

Million views across Teaser & Recap

#TAS 2022, Episode 1 - Full Show

In the first episode of 2022, we delved into the latest updates on Jetpack Compose, Android Tablets, and most importantly, Android 13. The response was great, with the teaser amassing 17 million views.

New Year, Segment - Doris Liu

With a shared love at Gramafilm for , we collaborated with Florina to feature Google Engineer Doris Liu, the person responsible for animations in app UI. Together, this new segment delved into the transformative impact of Android’s Jetpack Compose on app animation integration.

An immense pleasure getting to be around Gramafilm as they worked

Huyen Tue Dao – Host, The Android Show, Android

Telling developer stories

Gramafilm originally worked on Developer Stories as a stand-alone project prior to The Android Show. However now, with over 100 million hits across more than 100 Android Developer Stories, they are a recurring fixture in The Android Show's content library.

See here more Developer Stories.

What a year

Android certainly had a busy 2022. They launched Android 13, explored tablets and screens, and pushed wearable tech to new heights. Thanks to our strong partnership via #TAS, Android asked us to craft a reference-packed animated poster & film wrapping up this incredible 2022 journey.

You are all incredibly talented and easy to work with - and the end results always blow me away! Congrats on a job well done and a massive thank you for all your hard work!

– Product Marketing Manager, Android

2023: Keeping Pace

With device innovation not slowing down, Q1 of 2023 saw us produce yet another exciting Android Show. Focused on the rapid hardware enhancements for foldable devices and large screens, this episode shed light on their implications for Android Developers.

And who better to help unpack what this means for developers than our newest hosts: Android Senior Dev Relations Engineer, Rebecca Gutteridge, and Android Google Developer Expert (GDE), Madonna Wambua.

Social Media Developer Marketing

One of the few notable debuts of #TAS 2023 was the launch of Segment Shorts. With the aim of extending #TAS's post-event impact and maximising content value, we crafted mobile-friendly versions designed for enhanced social engagement.

#TAS 2023 - Developer Story, Clue

#TAS 2023 - BTS, Crashlytics

#TAS 2023 - Developer Story, Concept

Million views across 2023

#TAS 2023, Q1  - Recap

#TAS 2023, Q1 - Recap

With so much packed into this new episode, the recap became our most popular one yet, garnering over 20 million views. Madonna and Rebecca covered our classic behind-the-scenes segments (see right) as well as some very exciting new additions.

#TAS 2023, Q3 - Recap

#TAS 2023, Q3 - Recap

Before we knew it was Q3 was upon us, and we welcomed two new Android & Googler faces, Nick Butcher & Annyce Davis, to host. Alongside the new faces, we also introduced new social cuts. This also featured Android's latest branding.

Looking forward to what 2024 brings...