Branded launch film for Android. Lifting-off in style.


What we did

Set Design
FPV Drone
Stunt Coordination

To mark the latest Android Dev Challenge, Android asked us to create a lift-off film.

Who better to help launch it?

Then real life jetpack legend Richard Browning of Gravity Industries.

Views across launch video

Real jetpack stunts, a curious horse and one Welsh beach.

Capturing an audience

As well as generating 3 million+ social media views, our production drew an enthusiastic crowd on the day as we filmed the gravity defying stunts. Landing a spot in the local newspaper, we even caught the attention of a local UFO club who raced to find answers of what we were up to.


FPV drone shoot

Racing across rough terrain at nearly 90 miles per hour, we required FPV drones that could match our pace. And who better than drone lord Andrew Lawrence?

Wider Launch - #AndroidDevChallenge

This launch video just got things off the ground.

Discover how we expanded the Jetpack heroes into an animated & illustrated identity for the #AndroidDevChallenge and other Android initiatives.

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