Animated & illustrated branded campaign for Android Developers. Giving developers their very own superhero identity.

Android Devs Assemble!

Inspired by Android's historic use of superheroes, we created #TeamJetpack, a branded comic-book identity unleashing the superhero within every developer.

Your friendly neighbourhood developer

We designed and delivered #TeamJetpack from the ground up, taking those behind the code to the forefront of Android's story.

Armed with Android's latest coding toolkit, Jetpack Compose, #TeamJetpack pitched developers as heroes, using coding superpowers to create awesome innovation & fight the “Bugs of Chaos”

We need your help. Team Jetpack is in a brutal fight against the bugs of chaos… Will you answer the call?

– Dev Challenge, Android

Animating Android Adventures

Every great superhero has been animated, and #TeamJetpack is no exception. To introduce #TeamJetpack to the developer world, we created an exciting and action-packed launch video, inviting Android’s everyday heroes of development to their latest event. We designed the universe, wrote the script, and even used classic 2D animation to create an authentic superhero feel.

Branded Avatar Creator - No Capes!

The animated launch video encouraged developers to design their own Jetpack Superhero using our custom-built interactive platform.

This powerful tool, built from scratch, allowed developers to design, create, and share their superheroes with the world, complete with relevant coding powers and inclusive customisation options.


#TeamJetpack Design - The Origin Story

We developed #TeamJetpack’s visual identity using the Jetpack Compose Logo, the latest Android toolkit for developers. This fresh visual identity looked to give these “superhero” developers the comic-book style they deserve.

Complete with spaceship and all.

Chaos vs Compose

Every good hero needs a villain.

For this elite group of developers, doubling as superhero defenders, we developed a metaphorical nemesis to fit the bill; The Bugs of Chaos.

Branded poster pack

Android called on #TeamJetpack once again to encourage developers to enter the latest #AndroidDevChallenge, giving us the chance to create physical prizes that matched the popular #TeamJetpack theme.

We created a Jetpack Compose poster, Android-themed colouring pad, and a limited-edition Jetpack Compose comic strip poster, which were awarded to the first 500 people to complete the challenge.

Help Team Jetpack overcome UI chaos for the launch of Jetpack Compose Beta and the #AndroidDevChallenge

Dev Challenge, Android

Superhero Sequel

The #TeamJetpack theme had become so popular with developers, that it was used throughout #AndroidDevSummit & second #TheAndroidShow. We even built a real life Dev Signal!

#TAS 2021, Episode 2 - Teaser

#TheAndroidShow, Episode 2 - Teaser

MythBusters host herself, Kari Byron, invited developers to heed the call with her very own #DevSignal. The teaser was viewed over 14 million times.

#TheAndroidShow, Episode 2 - Full Show

Android Dev Summit '21 kicked off with The Android Show Ep. 2, where developers used our #TeamJetpack Character Creator to show how to extend apps ​​across a range of Android devices.


Superheroes aren't just in comics you know?

We bought #TeamJetpack to life for the #AndroidDevChallenge, creating a launch video featuring a certain jetpack hero.

Read all about it here.

We even built a trophy...