Branded films discovering the power of Android device development.


What we did

Unlocking Devices

Not enough is known about the great work Android developers do to improve our device experience.

To change that, and encourage more developers to get involved, we worked with Android to produce a series of films highlighting the potential of Android device development.

Android Developer Story, 2021 - Spotify x Android

Android Developer Story, Spotify

For Episode 2 of #TheAndroidShow, which focused on 'Excellent Apps Across Devices,' we highlighted how Spotify developers tailor their app for Android tablets and wearables. Spotify's goal of connecting creators with fans globally made it an ideal choice for this feature.

Views across device films

Android Tablet Commercial

At Google I/O 22' Google Android announced some significant changes for tablets, opening up new possibilities for app developers to create better "moments" on larger screens.

To show off these improvements, we made a commercial called 'Tablet Moments Built By You' to inspire developers to make great tablet apps.

This commercial was viewed over 1.5 million times. Read more about it here.

Android Developer Story, Strava

Working with Android iOS, Strava developers have invested significantly in wearables - helping take their product and experience to the next level.

From helping developers run code, to helping athletes run new routes the Android iOS is helping millions of companies like Strava improve their UX.

We captured this story for #TheAndroidShow.