Discover the Power of Visual Storytelling with Award-Winning Health & Beauty Video Production.

For over a decade, Gramafilm has been a driving force in creating powerful branded content for Health and Beauty brands. Our expert healthcare production services have provided invaluable support to industry leaders, local skincare brands, and international counterparts.

From producing informative medical training films to crafting captivating social media content and stunning healthcare photography, our team is committed to delivering top-tier visuals that leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

Gramafilm x Beauty Brands - Showreel

The work that has been created across digital and offline has been better than we ever expected

Charley Clewley – Marketing Coordinator, Teoxane


Healthcare Video Production

Based in London since 2008, we’ve produced award-winning films for global healthcare clients across pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and beauty.

From Instagram stories to instructional medical videos, we've applied a strategic and human-oriented approach to everything we produce, keeping clients coming back again and again.

Teoxane | Promotional Film

With there being a lot of uncertainty in the general public around dermal-fillers, we set out to reassure and build confidence through three films that told three relatable stories. Stories like Joanna's.

Entyviom Syringe

Entyvio | Injection Tutorial

Teaming up with DDB Remedy, we produced a series of short films, making Takeda Pharmaceutical Company’s new treatment for Crohn's disease feel relatable and accessible.

Neighbourhood Botanicals | Brand Story

Working with skincare brand Neighbourhood Botanicals, we produced a series of films showing the complete journey beauty products take - from creation to application. Here we follow their founder, Micaela Nisbet, as she goes through her morning routine.

Allergan BOTOX

Allegran | B2B Film

Working together with health communication agency DDB Remedy, we captured Allergan’s top-of-the-line facilities in Westport, Ireland – reassuring medical buyers that optimum quality and patient safety drive everything they do.


Healthcare Photography

Gramafilm offers exceptional photography services tailored specifically for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and beauty industries.

From beauty brand product photography to pharmaceutical facility photography our team of skilled and experienced photographers is well-versed in capturing the essence of these specialised fields, ensuring high-quality images that effectively communicate your brand's message and vision. You can see our photography work for Neighbourhood Botanicals & Teoxane below.

Dermocosmetics Model Photography

Offline & online photography assets

From our photography shoot with Teoxane, we designed & created a suite of beautiful assets for a wide array of purposes and formats including Out of Home displays, engaging online content, and informative in-clinic materials.

Our healthcare photography has appeared all over London, from printed billboards to digital screens.

Award-Winning Healthcare Photography

Our Photography was used to create an Online Dermal Filler Assessment, which would display more relevant model photography through attributes such as age, gender and race, increasing their user's sense of trust & understanding.

The platform and associated platform picked up a Platinum Award at Muse Awards.

Don't forget our photography for Neighbourhood Botanicals

When our director, Tiago Kingwell, serendipitously discovered Neighbourhood Botanicals one afternoon, he was captivated by the visually appealing retro branding and the artisanal, small-batch approach of the creator, Micaela. Her products exuded beauty, practicality, and genuine sincerity.

In crafting the films & photography for the brand, we were determined to mirror these very qualities. Interested in seeing how we'd reflect your brand? Contact us today.

Social Media

Beauty Brand Social Media Production

Leveraging Social Media for Effective Beauty & Health Outreach.

By tapping into social media's vast reach, we've helped beauty brands effectively communicate their message to a wider audience, breaking down barriers and reaching individuals from all walks of life.

Working with brands like Antler Luggage, CHRISTIANAHJONES & Neighbourhood Botanicals, we've adapted firms to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social media, ensuring their beauty and health outreach strategies are not only effective but also resonate with their target audiences.


Progressive Web Platforms

Consumer-Facing Healthcare Platform

A lot of people have no clue where to start when it comes to skin treatments or dermal-fillers and it's important they find the right solution for them.

At Gramafilm, we know this first-hand having helped Teoxane develop their very own consumer-facing platform.

We wanted to ensure the assessment was as engaging as possible, so partnered with web-agency Function & Form to help build an immersive online experience and to help customers in finding a solution right for them.