What happens when you fly two planes through a hanger at 185mph?


What we did


Red Bull approached us to join them in creating an epic, dangerous stunt - the world's first (and only) formation flight through a building. Not one, but two Red Bull planes were to fly side-by-side through a hangar.

Shot over three nerve-wracking days with a total of 27 different cameras, Gramafilm's challenge was to turn this second of high-octane action into compelling branded content.


Meter off ground

Million views

Behind the Scenes at this world-first...

We’ve been working with Red Bull for the last 13 years on a variety of entertaining formats, series and one-of-a-kind stunts. However, pilots and friends, Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones told us how nothing they’d done in the past felt quite as risky as this.

We knew capturing this was going to need careful planning and huge precision...

One Barn, Two Planes, 27 Cameras, Millions of Views and a Worlds First.

Landing safe & sound...

Bringing Barnstorming to life was always going to be dangerous.

Working with Red Bull and ace pilots Steve and Paul, we made sure we could pull this off in the safest way possible whilst keeping the Gramafilm touch.

From GoPros to Phantom Cameras, every piece of equipment placed inside the hangar had to be calculated and precise to the utmost degree. Just one loose nail, one fraction of weight over could have caused a serious accident.

How Gramafilm turned one second of high-octane action into compelling branded content

A flying success...

With pre and post interviews, we could create a series of memorable and engaging video content for social that truly captured the danger, excitement and extensive preparation that was undertaken by the talented team involved.

We produced three films, including an Action edit that cut right to the chase (or the fly through), an Aviation Edit for the tech-heads and a longer documentary that revealed more of the process behind this world first.

The final cuts...
Red Bull Barnstorming | Main Edit

Red Bull Barnstorming | Main Edit

Red Bull Barnstorm Aviation Edit

Red Bull Barnstorming | Aviation Edit

Red Bull Branded Content Producers

Gramafilm have been partnering with Red Bull for 13 years, achieving over 100 million views across our collaborations. If you’re interested in seeing more of our Red Bull projects, take a look at our Red Bull Partner Page.