Generating 50m views for Red Bull in 5 weeks.

A global campaign and video series

We've partnered with Red Bull and Kriss Kyle to create a breakthrough new ride clip and suite of film and video assets for online and social platforms. Filmed at 2000 feet the project was a unique production test involving two years of preparation.

Don't Look Down | Ride Film

Gramafilm have been a production partner for Red Bull for the last 14 years producing stand-out branded content and world firsts, attracting massive global audiences in the process. Having already helped capture some of their most exhilarating stunts, from the gnarliest waves to the fastest F1 cars, and even two planes flying through a hangar, it should have come as no surprise that Red Bull's latest project, 'Don't Look Down', would take things to a new level.

But even for Red Bull, this project was different.

By far this is the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my life

Kriss Kyle – BMX Pro, Red Bull

Million Views

Suspended in the Air

Days of Preparation

Two years of work

Alongside a suite of social assets and short-form and mid-form edits Gramafilm also produced a documentary that takes you on a two-year journey from concept to completion, showcasing the incredible passion and dedication that went into taking Kriss Kyle, alongside 2.5 tonnes of bowl, 2,000ft into the air. The film is available on Red Bull TV.

Don't Look Down - Red Bull

Don't Look Down | Full Documentary

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's a hot air balloon with a suspended skatepark of course!

Chris Evans – Radio DJ

Don't Look Down - RBAT

Pushing Boundaries with F1 Technology: How Red Bull's Computer Engines Built a BMX Bowl Unlike Any Other

'Don't Look Down' pushed the boundaries of what's possible. Working with the Red Bull Advanced Technology Centre (RBAT), the team used F1 engineering methods, materials & techniques to create this one-off masterpiece.

With experts from F1, BMX and ballooning, the project was a true testament to the power of creativity and collaboration.

Who said the sky is the limit?

Capturing Camaraderie

Capturing the camaraderie and collaboration of the team was a crucial aspect of this project.

With nothing like this attempted before, even the know-how of Red Bull's Advanced Technology Centre wasn't enough alone. All in all, over 55 people pushed to make this project a reality.

You can’t go wrong when you have that kind of atmosphere and everyone is driven together

Kriss Kyle – BMX Pro, Red Bull

Collaboration takes flight

By showcasing the bonds formed between the crew members, the resulting film not only documented the incredible feat of creating and launching the biggest balloon ramp but also the human connections that made it all possible.

Produced by Gramafilm's Richard Perry, directed by Tiago Kingwell and edited by all-around editing legend, Ross Caswell, we knew we had a winning core team. But they weren't the only ones!

Ride film director, Matty Lambert, has worked with Kriss Kyle for over 10 years and - even 2,000ft in the sky - knew exactly what angles, run & rhythm Kriss needs to create a killer ride. With the help of "Drone Lord" Andy, Matty helped capture the insane run from an FPV - flying from bowl to balloon in seconds. In total 19 different cameras were used to capture all the action from helicopters, cameras fixed to the bowl, Kriss's bike and the balloon as well as head cams and cameras filming from the ground.

You can watch Matty's Ride Film .

Producing and delivering branded content with this much ambition takes a team of experts and at Gramafilm we've been lucky enough to partner with some of the world's best.

Cameron Balloons has designed & built over 9,000 balloons since the 1970s, and working with Nick Purvis and their team of seamstresses we created the largest balloon registered in the UK.

And last, but certainly not least, balloon pilot Pete Dalby brought a huge wealth of experience to the team and landed the balloon and bowl safely not once, but twice.