45million views and counting for Danny MacAskill and Red Bull.


What we did

Skye's the Limit...

Our Way Back Home featuring the super talented trials cyclist, Danny MacAskill, has amassed over 45 million views after going viral and becoming one of Red Bull's most successful media campaigns ever (not to mention one of the industry's best pieces of Branded Content ever made).


Hours of engagement

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Red Bull - Way Back Home - Featurette (2020)

The film comfortably sat in the top 20 of the viral video charts for well over a year and continues to rake in views, likes and positive feedback. The awe inspiring campaign saw two short teaser clips as well as the release of an 8 minute one of Danny showing off his skills in order to create a buzz around the project.

Red Bull - Way Back Home - Don't Look Down

Closely following these short videos, we released a half hour documentary that profiled Danny's many trials and pitfalls across Scotland. Our film was excitingly converted into 3D by Red Bull Media House and was then sold to a range of broadcasters from all across the globe.

The Way Back Home campaign triggered an estimated 12 million hours of brand engagement and has been watched in more than 190 countries worldwide.