Creating bespoke assets to celebrate live streams, festivals & awards with YouTube Music.


What we did

Having successfully delivered weekly assets for #ArtistOnTheRise & #Released over two years, YouTube Music quickly entrusted us to create bespoke campaigns across a range of ceremonies, awards & festivals.

Covering the Brit Awards, YouTube Shorts, Livestreams, MOBOS awards, Live Aid and ABBA, we really took it all.

From YouTube to the Tube...

YT Music - MOBOS 21'


The annual ceremony, which celebrates music of Black origin, teamed up with ASOS & YouTube to stream its 24th year live to the YouTube Community. We created all assets in the run up the awards, including social, out-of-home and mid-ceremony graphics.

Three million viewers watched live as it quickly became the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter.

YT Music - Brits - Mast Head

Brit Awards 22'

Sponsored by YouTube Shorts, The Brit Awards 22’ saw a new host, new awards & new acts entering the scene.

To welcome them in we created out of home assets, social cuts and teasers used throughout the awards. Across both the UK and the US.