Supercar Launch Campaign. McLaren’s Next Generation, The Artura Spider.



What we did

Global Supercar Campaign

Born and raised on the track, British supercar manufacturer McLaren produce the world's most advanced performance cars. As the lead agency, we created a global campaign to launch the new Artura Spider.

Featuring Launch Film, Product Film, Social Campaign & Photography.

McLaren Launch Advert

Set against the Croatian coastline, our launch advert embodies the effortless adaptability of the Artura Spider. Seamlessly combining the drama of a convertible with the power & performance of a coupe.

The Complete Supercar.

Letting the Artura Spider speak for itself.

Filming raw emotions behind the wheel, we ditched scripted scenes for authentic reactions to the car's capabilities. Our goal: showcase visceral experiences, transporting viewers right into the driver's seat.

Shifting Gears

Forget the usual spider launches. The McLaren Artura Spider boasts track-ready, coupe-level power rarely seen in convertibles before. We went beyond the idyllic landscapes and luxurious lifestyle, showcasing the uncompromising performance of the Artura Spider - complete with drifting and all.

Supercar Product Film

Inspired by its sleek, sculpted design, our product film translates the Artura’s innovative features into visually stunning, smooth showcases. These globally-distributed films were featured in-store and online, spanning social media, YouTube, websites, and showrooms.

The product film captures the sleek design of the Artura, highlighting its liquid, reflective surface and curved contours, enhanced by carefully crafted lighting. Camera movement also glides with the same fluid motion that defines the car's design, accentuating the liquid lighting.

These captivating visual stories, designed to work with or without sound, showcase the Artura's brilliance across socials & showrooms. Like McLaren's "Form Follows Function" philosophy, our product animations are a study of modern, technical elegance.

Supercar Product Photography

Continuing the clean aesthetic established in our product film, the car's sleek lines, dramatic contrast, and precise framing are mirrored perfectly in the product photography. Bathed in the same light, every image allows the beautiful design of the Artura to speak for itself.

Just like the film, we opted for a raw and visceral approach – no props could ever compete with the inherent excitement of this car.

McLaren BTS

McLaren ASMR

Supercar Social Sustainment

Alongside our launch & product film, we shot social first content. An integral part of campaign from kick-off, we planned & considered our social plan from day one.

Making sure we go the most out of the shoot.

Discover more behind the scenes with our McLaren Artura Spider BTS.